Research Sites

These sites allow users to research information on our World War II veterans. Some of the sites offer services and research for a fee and are not official U.S. Government sites.

Teacher’s Guide

The History Channel® developed a teacher’s manual that accompanied its special on the National World War II Memorial. You can download the guide by clicking on the links below. The document is in two parts and can be viewed with Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.)

Part 1 (334k)
Part 2 (205k)

Note: The American Battle Monuments Commission is no longer raising funds for the WWII Memorial. Please do not implement the fund raising suggestions provided in chapter IV of the Teacher’s Guide unless for a cause other than the National WWII Memorial.

Research Links

The National Archives houses information on many of our WW2 Veterans. Visit to begin your search. On the sites searchable data bases are military records, photos and documents. While not all inclusive, the website has instructions on how to request military records and a host of other services offered.

For those who are looking for information on a servicemember killed in action in WW2 you may request the Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF). These files contain information about where and when the individual died and sometimes eyewitness testimony and combat reports. For information on how to request an IDPF visit

Overseas Internment

If the deceased is interred in an American Overseas Cemetery or is listed on a Tablet of the Missing you may contact the American Battle Monuments Commission.

American Battle Monuments Commission
Courthouse Plaza II
2300 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 500
Arlington, VA 22201

While not a U.S. Government hosted site, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information, Fold3 is a Collection of Military Records from the Revolutionary War to WWII, Documents & photos as well as Historic war records. Fold3 is not free and requires a subscription to access it’s full database. To learn more visit

The U.S. Army Center for Military History –

The Army Heritage and Education Center –

The Naval History and Heritage Command –

The Marine Corps History Division –